5 Main Causes of Roof Shingle Deterioration

5 Main Causes of Roof Shingle Deterioration

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Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home. It keeps your family and belongings safe. Roofs take a beating year-round. Therefore, it’s entirely normal for them to display signs of damage after years of exposure to harsh weather elements.


If your shingle roof is deteriorating, there can be several reasons why. Let’s look at the most common causes of shingle roof deterioration.

5 Causes for Roof Deterioration


Some of the significant causes of roof shingle deterioration include:


1.   Wind Damage


Extreme weather conditions can damage roofing shingles earlier than you expected. When exposed to high winds, in particular, roofing shingles can crack, split, or fly off your roof.


Constant exposure to heavy winds can also lift roofing nails and threaten the integrity of your roof. If your roof is frequently exposed to extreme climate conditions, routine roofing maintenance can help prevent premature deterioration. Contact your local roofer to discuss your shingle problems.


2.   Buckling from Heat Exposure


Another common cause of shingle deterioration is heat exposure. Heat exposure can lead to shingle buckling. This occurs when shingles are baked in the sun and hot air from your attic forces them to pop off your roof. This is why shingles aren’t a good option for roofs exposed to high temperatures.


Sun exposure and UV rays can also speed up the deterioration of your roof by altering the chemical makeup of your shingles, which leads to fading. If you have a shingle roof that’s been exposed to high temperatures, check for signs of buckling. Contact your local roofer to replace damaged shingles immediately before interior damage occurs.



3.   Product Defects


In some cases, deterioration is simply caused by product defects. Asphalt shingles are one of the most cost-effective roofing materials. Although they are reasonably priced, shingles are not suitable for all homes. While installing a shingle roof in the right location can provide you with a sturdy roof that lasts for decades, some products simply have defects that lead to early deterioration.


4.   Improper Ventilation


Proper ventilation is vital to the integrity of your roof. This is especially true with shingle roofs. Without the proper airflow, your attic can rise to internal temperatures of more than 150 degrees. As the hot air tries to escape, it can impact your roofing material and lead to deterioration.


Improper ventilation can also affect the decking beneath your shingles which can ultimately lead to total roof failure. Have your local roofer check your attic ventilation to ensure you have the right air flow to protect the integrity of your roof.


5.   Exposure to Moisture


Excess water or moisture can impact your roof in several ways. First, extra moisture encourages algae and moss growth. Moisture can also lead to roof deterioration, shifting your shingles and causing roof damage. Minor roof leaks that aren’t address immediately can lead to significant damage that may require total roof replacement. If your shingle roof is exposed to excess moisture, contact your local roofer immediately for an inspection.


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