5 Mistakes that Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

5 Mistakes that Can Affect Your Child Custody Case

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Going through a divorce is a complicated process that takes an emotional toll on all parties. When children are involved, divorces become even more complex because they require child support and visitation agreements.


Strong emotions surrounding child custody cases can escalate quickly, but how you act during and outside of legal proceedings can negatively impact your case’s outcome. Don’t let negative feelings and difficult emotions lead to destructive behavior that affects you in court. Keep your emotions in check during this challenging time and make intelligent decisions for the future of your child and yourself.


5 Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Child Custody Case


Here are five things you should never do if you want a positive outcome for your child custody case.


1.   Refusing to Pay Child Support


Child support might cost you a lot of money, but you can’t simply choose not to pay. Many parents avoid paying child support because they think it punishes their ex-spouse. Others avoid paying because they feel that they were mistreated when it comes to visitation.


Child support and child custody are separate issues. So, even if you aren’t awarded the custody you deserve, you still have to pay your child support. Paying on time will not only provide your children with what they need, but it will also help you avoid legal repercussions.


2.   Withholding Visitation from the Other Parent Without Reason


Unless the other parent or their living environment poses a danger to your children, you should never withhold another parent’s visitation. The court does not look kindly on any attempt to cut off another parent from seeing their child. Not only can this negatively impact your custody arrangement, but it can also put you in violation of a court order. Most judges look at this as a sign of disrespect and disregard for the court’s authority and decision. If you feel you have legal grounds to refuse visitation, talk to your family law attorney to petition the court.


3.   Displaying Poor Behavior in Court or Around Your Children


Most court officials understand that emotions run high during child custody disputes. Still, you don’t want to lose your cool in court. Showing up late, using poor judgment around your children, and failing to act with self-control can all hurt your child custody agreement. Do your best to keep calm and make good decisions if you want to positively influence the outcome of your child custody case.


4.   Ignoring Your Child’s Emotional Needs


At the heart of your child custody fight is your child. Of course, you want what’s best for them, but personal issues and your own emotions can cloud your judgment. Do your best to put your child’s emotional needs first. The changes that come through the divorce process significantly impact your children. Focus on their emotional needs and do your best to work together to reach an agreement that puts your children first.


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