9 Residential Fencing Ideas for Privacy

9 Residential Fencing Ideas for Privacy

March 29, 2021 Off By Admin

Privacy fencing helps protect your property from prying eyes. Even homeowners who live in the quietest neighborhoods can benefit from residential fencing ideas that increase their privacy.


Patio weather is here! What better time to start your fencing project than now? These privacy fencing ideas can help you create a backyard oasis that enhances the look and feel of your yard.


9 Unique Residential Fencing Ideas that Increase Privacy


The right fencing can genuinely enhance the look of your property. These residential fencing ideas are perfect for 2021.


1.   Picket Fencing


The classic picket fence will never go out of style. It’s hard to beat the charm and elegance of a traditional picket fence. With a variety of style options, picket fences are used from beachside cottages to suburban homes. Not only do they look great, but they also require little upkeep.


2.   Composite Fencing


Using a mix of recycled plastic and wood, composite fencing offers beautiful decorative designs to spruce up your yard. You can even incorporate modern patterns into composite panels to upgrade your backyard.


3.   Bamboo Fencing


Available in dark and light colors, bamboo fencing is inexpensive and low maintenance. If you’re looking for a tropical vibe, bamboo will have your outdoor patio feeling like you’re on one of the islands. Because bamboo fencing comes in rolled reeds and planks, it adds an extra layer of privacy to your property.


4.   Corrugated Metal Fencing


Corrugated metal fencing is a trendy option today. It’s lighter and more affordable than wood and requires minimal maintenance. One of the biggest selling points of corrugated metal fencing is the unique, modern look you can achieve with customized metal panels or sheets.


5.   Stone or Brick


If you’re looking for the highest level of privacy, brick or stone barriers are the way to go. Stone gives off that classic, old-world charm that boosts your curbside appeal. Brick is popularly used in country estates and major cities. Both help secure your property and form a sound barrier that brings peace to your backyard.


6.   Horizontal Slats


Horizontal slats give off a simple, clean look that’s timeless. You can customize your fencing height and achieve the privacy you need without losing natural light around your outdoor space.


7.   Shrubbery and Trees


Trees and shrubbery are a unique alternative to typical residential fencing. You can design a privacy barrier that includes a mix of fencing and landscaping materials to add privacy and curb appeal. Talk to your local fencing company for inspiration.


8.   Vertical Gardens


Also called living walls, vertical gardens are a great way to add some flare to your residential fencing. You can incorporate greenery and color into your backyard by adding window boxes and flower pots to mundane slat fencing.


9.   Fancy Toppers


Lattice patterns and scalloped tops are two examples of how you can add decorative flair to your privacy fencing. With the right style, you can turn any ordinary-looking fence into a creative design that complements your home.


Talk to a Reliable Fencing Company for Ideas and Inspiration


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