Eye Care 101 : Caring For Your Contacts

Eye Care 101 : Caring For Your Contacts

March 29, 2021 Off By Admin

Contact lenses are a safe, comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. While they can undoubtedly boost your confidence, proper care and cleaning are vital to your vision health. Improper contact care can cause severe eye infections that can be detrimental to your vision.


Let’s explore some eye care tips to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Eye Care Tips for Contact Lenses


Your eye doctor is the best source of information for proper eye care, so follow their instructions carefully regarding contact lens care. Whether you’re just switching to contact lenses or you’ve been wearing them for a while, it’s essential to get your contacts from a licensed eye doctor who can fit your lenses properly.


Contact lenses that are old, improperly fitted, or dirty can cause:

  • Scratching of the eye
  • Severe eye infection
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision
  • Red, painful, or watery eyes
  • Hypoxia


In severe cases, you can lose your vision entirely. This is why it’s imperative to follow a strict routine for your contact lens care and cleaning.


5 Tips for Caring for Contact Lenses


Before we jump into how to clean your contact lenses, here are some eye care tips to avoid vision problems.


  • Follow your eye doctor’s recommendations closely for how long you should wear your contacts daily.
  • Replace your contact lenses according to the schedule your doctor gives.
  • Store and clean your lenses using the recommended cleaning solutions and other contact lens products.
  • Never wear someone else’s contacts.
  • Don’t sleep with your contacts unless you have extended-wear lenses.
  • If your eye gets irritated, take your contacts out before using any eye drops. If irritation continues, don’t use your contacts until you can speak to your eye doctor.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you experience blurry vision, eye pain, signs of infection, unusual redness, or vision loss.
  • Don’t swim or shower while wearing your contacts.


How to Clean and Rewet Your Contacts


Here are some great tips to help you clean and rewet your contacts properly.


  • Always wash your hands with soap before you handle your contacts and rinse thoroughly.
  • Avoid using perfumes, oils, or lotions on your hands before touching your contacts.
  • Dry your hands with a clean, lint-free towel.
  • When using a lens cleaning solution, rub your contact lenses with clean fingers and rinse them with the solution before leaving them to soak.
  • Do not rinse or store contacts in water or any homemade saline solution.
  • Always empty your contact lens case before you clean and disinfect your lenses. Never reuse or top off old solutions.
  • Keep your contact lens case clean. Rinse with sterile contact lens solution and leave it open to air dry.
  • Replace your case at least every three months.
  • If your contacts require special care and cleaning products, only use what your eye doctor recommends.
  • Follow the recommended replacement schedule. Never try to stretch out your lenses longer than your eye doctor recommends.


Find a Palmdale Eye Doctor Dedicated to Your Vision Health


Following these tips can keep your eyes safe and healthy. At Antelope Valley Eye Care, your vision health is our top priority. Contact our Palmdale eye doctor today for all your contact lens care questions.